Lily Shade Memory Lamps

Lily shade Memory Lamps are very popular as bereavement gifts and many occasion gifts. They make great night lights. The warm glow of these lily shade Memory Lamps is just the right size for any room needing a night light to guide you in the dark. The lily shade memory lamps with multiple shades are stunning for any room. Unusual lighting your visitors will most certainly comment on.

A favorite is the multi-use desk, foyer, table, or library 3 amber lily shade lamp with a shelf. It can be used for mail, books and anything you like to put in a certain place as you enter your home. Beautiful lighting to add to your decor or a Memory Lamp gift for someone you care about.

If you see a Lily Shade Memory Lamp and do not want the color of shade it comes with, please feel free to drop us an email:
or give us a call: (978) 232-9669 and we will do our best to honor your request. 


2 tulip pond lily accent lamp 3 Lily Memory Lamp butterfly lily base white-pink satin glass memory lamp
2 Tulip Lily Memory Lamp3 Lily Shade Accent LampButterfly Lily Base Accent Lamp

2 Tulip Lily Accent Lamp with  hand rubbed antique brass finish.

3 Lily Shade Memory Lamp with hand rubbed antique brass finish.

Butterfly Lily memory lamp in choice of colors.




Trumpeting Angel with pink lily shade memory lamp mini trumpeting cherub lily memory lamp trumpeting cherub lily memory lamp
Cherub Lily Memory LampCherub Trumpeting Tulip Lily Mini Accent LampCherub Lily Trumpeting Accent Lamp

(Out) Cherub Lily Memory Lamp with choice of shade colors. 

Mini Trumpeting Cherub Lily memory lamp with choice of shade colors.

Trumpeting Cherub Lily memory lamp in choice of colors.




circular brush bronze base lily shade lamp desk lamp soaring dragonfly blown glass lily memory lamp
Circular Base Lily Shade LampDesk or Table Multi use 3 Lily Shade LampDragonfly Lily Soaring Accent Lamp

Circular base brushed bronze lily lamp.

(Out) Beautiful 3 lily shade metal square base multi use lamp.

Soaring Dragonfly Lily memory lamp with choice of colors.




Dragonfly One Arm Lily Accent Lamp peacock gift of light hummingbird lily soaring mercury glass memory lamp
Dragonfly One Arm Lily LampGemmed PeacockHummingbird Lily Soaring Accent Lamp

Dragonfly Lily One Arm accent memory lamp with metal base.

Gemmed peacock Memory Lamp

Hummingbird Lily Soaring with choice of colors.




lady of justice lily memory lamp mercury glass lily memory lamp triple shade cardinal lily memory lamp
Lady of Justice Accent LampMercury Glass Lily Amber Green Accent LampTriple Lily Shade Cardinal

Lady of Justice lily memory lamp. 

Hand Blown Mercury Glass Memory Lamp with amber and green shade with silver highlights. 

Triple lily shade cardinal lamp. Decorating the base are dragonflies and pansies.




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All Memory Lamp orders include gift wrapping and a customized card. During the check out process
please provide the persons name receiving the gift, if bereavement the relationship, and signed by whom?
Thank you and enjoy checking out our beautiful Memory Lamps.