Tiffany Style Lighthouse

Tiffany Style Lighthouse Gift of Light for any Occasion
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This beautiful tiffany style lighthouse accent lamp is 12 inches high with a 4.75 inch wide base. The roof of this reflections memory lamp is dark amber, as well as the surrounding glass where the signal light would be. Beautiful hues of purple and white combine for a marbled effect on the next tier below, and deep blue with light yellow windows on yet the next tier below that. The main body on this gift of light features cream colored stained glass, with an adorable stained glass roof hanging above a yellow door at the bottom. The base itself is wide and sturdy with multiple shades of green blended together for yet another pleasing marbled effect. "Character" is a word I would to describe the handcrafted work on this lamp. Not one of these comes out exactly the same. Whether it be the railings or the way the roof sits on top, there will be a different characteristic on each one. This memory lamp evokes memories of the old New England lighthouses I would see as a child when I would go on vacation with my grandparents. This would make a beautiful gift for anyone who appreciates the sea, as well create a lasting memory for a special occasion or person. Maximum 15 Watt (bulb included)

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