Lily and Tulip Shade Replacements

Lily Shade Replacement in a variety of colors and different textures. We have many different colors with a satin finish. Satin finish lily shades should not be washed. Please dust only. We have also added Mercury glass lily shades in a variey of colors. 4 different glossy colored shades, which can be washed, are also available. The beauty of having a choice of lily shade colors is, you can switch out your shades to match the decor in any room. Unfortunately we do get customers who have broken their shades but no problem, we can replace that lily shade. 

Mercury finish memory lamp replacement lily shades. Satin finish Lily shade replacements Glossy finish memory lamp replacement lily shades.
Mercury Lily ShadesSatin Finish Lily Shades Satin Finish Tulip Lily Shades

Memory Lamps with mercury lily shades in a variety of colors.

Lily shade replacements in a variety of colors

Memory Lamps with satin tulip lily shades in a variety of colors.




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Due to die lots when shades are made, some may have slightly different tones. When we receive
requests for multiple shades of the same color we do a good job of matching them.