Dragonfly Lily Lamp

Dragonly Lily Shade Memory Lamp
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This Dragonfly Lily memory lamp is hand finished in brushed dark and light bronze. You have a choice of many different colors of lily shades, which makes it easy to match one's decor or favorite color. The dragonfly on this gift of light represents renewal, positive forces, and power of life.  It is associated with good luck, prosperity, swiftness, strength, peace, purity and harmony. This makes a fine gift in memory of a loved one or to celebrate any memorable event. 
9" tall x 4 1/2" wide
7 watt bulb included

Please view our customized cards included with your Memory Lamp purchase. During the checkout process you will find a 'Comments' section, please provide the card information in that section. If bereavement: Dear ?, recipients relationship to deceased, provide names for signature. Thank you. 

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